Eight Tools you Need to Get Started with Cookie Decorating

When it comes to cookie decorating, you don’t need many tools and they should not break your budget. Decorating cookies is so much fun and there are a lot of fun tools, cutters, and supplies you can find on the market. It is quite tempting to purchase all the things; however, you will only need a few to get started. In fact, by simply buying one of the cookie decorating kits online, you can start making beautiful cookies that will steal the show. Most of these kits already include cookies to decorate so you skip the baking part and start directly with decorating. Other items these kits have include paintbrushes, edible cookie palette, sprinkles, and more. The following are some of the basic cookie decorating supplies you may want to own:

Squeeze Bottle

After you have mixed your different icing colors, you must transfer them into squeeze bottles for decorating. Although you can use any squeeze bottle, you can get fancier with ones that accommodate different sized decorating tips.

Scriber Needle Set

You can use a thin needle to gently drag icing to make ornate swirling patterns and subtle textures. You can also use the needle to pop air bubbles, smooth icing, and remove fondant shapes from molds.

Edible Markers

If you are not very interested in piping, you can go freehand and use edible markers to draw the design you want. Coat your cookies with a layer of royal icing and use your creativity to create unique decorations. These markers have extra-fine tips that are perfect for drawing things that icing cannot.

Pre-Made Stencils

If you want to take the guesswork out of precise decorations, consider using pre-made stencils. You can just spread royal icing or melted chocolate over them or sprinkle them with cocoa or colored sugar to give any cookie a fuss-free detail.

Food Coloring Gel

This food coloring option is very concentrated and you can color your icing with just a small amount of the gel. It often comes in squeeze bottles for a cleaner coloring experience.

Piping Bags

These bags can be made of plastic, parchment paper, and canvas, or vinyl. They may be used again or disposable. You will need a piping bag to place your icing in.

Decorating Tool Caddy

To make sure you can easily find your cookie decorating tools, store them in a handy caddy. This storage container can include removable trays and compartments of different sizes.

Airbrushing Kit

An airbrushing kit can help you achieve a vivid background and smooth-flowing color gradients. You can use one for setting a backdrop for other decorations or pairing it with a stencil for whipping big batches of stunning cookies.

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