Healthy Menu Options Delivered From Corporate Cafeteria Management Companies

When one talks about corporate cafeterias, we think of good food and a place to relax and socialize during work. They are great for boosting employee morale, which is why they are so common these days. And while they definitely meet social expectations, the culinary aspects often fall short of the mark. So, you may end up with a bunch of unhealthy or unpalatable food items that ultimately defeat its entire purpose.

Luckily, there are several corporate cafeteria management companies today which can help businesses in this regard. Thanks to their expertise in food service management, they can come up with a good cafeteria menu that is both healthy and delicious.

In case you are wondering how these companies are able to achieve that, then read on!

What Are Corporate Cafeteria Management Companies?

Corporate cafeteria management companies are specialized businesses that handle everything in a corporate cafeteria. And by everything, we mean everything! Once a business hires such a company for their employee cafeteria, they do not need to do anything else. All the activities inside a cafeteria – starting from the logistics to management and even clean-up – are handled by the management company.

Besides, the staff employed by these companies are well-trained in the domain of food service management. In other words, they know how to manage inventories, cook, and serve food to customers. And because of these reasons, they are becoming popular across corporate settings these days.

How Do Corporate Cafeteria Management Companies Deliver Healthy Menu Options?

Planning food menus are among the many responsibilities handled by a corporate cafeteria management company. It is a crucial task since this determines the popularity of the cafeteria among employees. The menu needs to have delicious food items that appeal to the people. That said, it needs to be healthy too, or else the employees might get sick, which will affect their work productivity.

So, to deliver such a menu, cafeteria management companies follow certain food service guidelines, as discussed below.

  1. Stock Up On Fruits And Salads

Frankly speaking, salads are the foundation of any healthy meal, which is why corporate cafeteria companies load up on this item. Sure, they might not be as delicious as a spicy beef burger, but they are way more nutritious. Plus, if served in the right way, they can be pretty effective in satisfying your food cravings.

That’s why cafeteria menus planned by these companies serve salads either as the main course or as a side dish with other meals. Apart from that, they include a variety of fruits, which are equally nutritious.

  1. Incorporate Lighter Meals

Another effective strategy for making a healthy cafeteria menu is to serve light foods. Compared to rich food items, these are much easier to digest, which naturally makes them a healthy choice without any compromise on taste.

For example, instead of serving food items with white rice, the menu may offer options like brown rice, which has lower calories and carbs. Or, the menu may have a healthy pasta dish with sauces instead of meatloaf, which is delicious, minus the harmful fats.

  1. Swap Out Chips And Fries With Better Alternatives

Yeah, we know that fries and chips are a staple across cafeterias these days. They are delicious, and complement other meals quite well, especially when served as a side dish. But they are rich in fats and calories, which makes them a relatively unhealthy choice.

So, in place of these items, corporate cafeteria managers may choose to include healthier options like fruit cocktails or even trail mixes. They can also offer chips and fries made from veggies, which taste delicious but do not have any of the drawbacks of traditional fries and chips.

What Else Do Corporate Cafeteria Management Companies Handle?

Besides planning the menus, a corporate cafeteria offers other services that help to operate the establishment efficiently and provide satisfaction to the employees.

  1. Keeping The Inventory Stocked

These companies have agreements with several food distributors, both locally and nationally. As such, they can source quality raw materials for the cafeteria at cheaper rates, which helps in cutting operational costs.

Furthermore, the logistical frameworks for such companies are fairly developed, which helps in procuring the food materials faster. This, in turn, helps to keep the inventory well-stocked at all times. As a result, employees will no longer be greeted with “out of stock” signs when visiting the cafeteria.

  1. Preparing And Serving Quality Food

The staff who operate the cafeteria prepare the food by themselves, with the cafeteria manager overseeing the whole process. They follow all the relevant industry standards while making the food, which ensures that the employees get quality meals. Likewise, they only serve freshly prepared food and dispose of any leftovers. Thus, employees don’t have to worry about being served stale food.

As for the serving methods, you get a few options there too. You can opt for self-service, or you can get your food from the serving stations run by the staff. Or, you may ask for boxed lunches, which can be eaten later.

  1. Maintaining The Cafeteria

The staff of the cafeteria performs the necessary clean-up operations after the employees are done eating. And once the day is over, they clean up the kitchen too, which helps  maintain a sanitary environment. This includes cleaning and maintaining the storage areas, exhaust hoods, and so on. All of these are crucial maintenance operations, and they ensure that the cafeteria meets all the necessary food safety standards.

Final Words

Offering healthy food items on the cafeteria menu can be beneficial for the business. If the employees consume healthy food, they will not fall sick, which will ultimately improve their workplace productivity.

On top of that, it will reduce the number of healthcare claims made by employees, which will help the business to lower its health insurance costs. And since the cafeteria management company takes care of all the duties, it allows the business managers to focus on more important aspects related to their business.

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